TVC x The Economist Group

Galvanise staff across the Economist Media Businesses and build a framework for collaboration internally.

Thought That Counts


Develop an overarching agency proposition that ties together all The Economist Group’s sales, editorial and production teams, and drives cross-department collaboration.

Intelligent Solution

The solution was ‘Thought That Counts’, a new marketing positioning which reflects the company’s commitment to quality thinking; from its editorial teams, marketing strategists and delivery teams, and the belief that content and marketing can make a real impact on the world – it counts.

To bring the new positioning to life, we created a thought-provoking film to highlight the range of marketing capabilities within The Economist Group.

The film, shot over two days at several London locations, follows the journey of an idea taking in each Economist Media Business line. The visual tone and art direction is very rich, ultra-modern and cinematic in execution, showing The Economist as a cutting edge brand for the 21st century.


The Thought That Counts launch was rolled out to all 500 Media Businesses staff with the film forming the stunning centrepiece of the launch.

Jamie Credland, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, The Economist, said:
“Internal feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with several staff reporting that the specific requirement for a united story was something that had been holding them back. Following the launch several small groups formed organically to take the project to the next level – whether focused specifically on design, sales proposal structures, office branding or even internal entertaining.

“Since launch Thought That Counts has influenced our internal communications, becoming a key part of our internal newsletters and internet. It has also been referenced on several occasions during staff training and development as an example of the types of behaviour we want to encourage at the Group.”

The film picked up a Bronze Award at the London Brand Film Festival.

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