100% of news stories included information about minor ailments which could be treated at pharmacy.


RPS, the dedicated professional body for pharmacists in England, Scotland and Wales, challenged us to showcase the extended role pharmacists in the UK play, beyond simply dispensing medicine. 


Budget discussions surrounding the NHS are never far from the headlines, and with this in mind, we implemented a research-based campaign which revealed that pharmacists could save the NHS £1 billion by treating common ailments. We rolled out an information campaign, powered by PR, which put UK pharmacists at the heart of the debate and launched an annual competition to find the UK’s most loved pharmacist.


45 pieces of coverage across TV, radio print and online, all with the headline quoting the £1.1 billion saving to the NHS. The ILMP campaign generated 87 pieces of national and regional coverage and attracted entries from 100+ pharmacists. PRmoment named it best health campaign of the year.

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