Globally, we saw a 30% increase in website traffic compared to the year before.


Raise awareness of GE’s employee wellbeing program, HealthAhead, make it accessible and encourage staff to engage with content on a dedicated site on HealthAhead Day in May.


To cut through the stream of often contradictory healthy living messages, we knew that thinking small was the best way to get people engaged and making healthy living choices.

We developed a central platform, called ‘TAKE 5’, which encouraged GE staff to take a five-minute break each day to explore how they could make small changes to their health; from desk yoga, booking an annual medical check up, to bringing lunch to work.

We developed the entire campaign from scratch, including the TAKE 5 concept, the five-minute content package (including videos, games and activities), a bespoke hub on the HealthAhead website to house it all, plus an activation plan for grabbing attention.


Globally, we saw a 30% increase in website traffic compared to the year before.

In China – a key market – the TAKE 5 campaign was responsible for a 280% increase in website engagement and a 188% spike in page traffic.

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