An epic behaviour change campaign that went beyond borders and crossed cultures.



Contemporise GE’s long-running global wellbeing program, HealthAhead, engage employees digitally and inspire employees and family members to make lifestyle changes

Intelligent Solution

We decided on a campaign that was rooted in community spirit, using partnership and social connection to create a fun challenge that was simple and accessible for all.

We rolled out StepAhead, a global call to get active which saw employees take part in a two-week, team-based global step challenge, delivered through an app.

Our activation plan for StepAhead worked across multiple platforms, including a website takeover of, digital ads across existing platforms (Facebook and Yammer), and eye-catching promotional materials throughout offices. A multi-language clickable toolkit and cache of content released when participants hit key milestones helped keep people inspired and stepping.


App downloads: During the promotion of the challenge, enrolment on the new HealthAhed app doubled from 7,000 to nearly 15,000 unique users. Traffic to the website also increased, with 15,150 visitors on HealthAhead Day alone, and more than 185,000 during 2017.

Nearly 7,000 employees from 58 countries took part in the two-week challenge.

The campaign was shortlisted for a PR Week Global Award in the employee communications category.

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