TVC x Dyno-Rod

Over 53 pieces of targeted coverage in 2013.


We were brought on board to build regional awareness of the scope and scale of jobs Dyno franchisees can be called on to handle. Many franchises were family owned and we had the added challenge of connecting with a disparate group of stakeholders.


We set up and ran a press office, designed to unearth stories with a difference and to position the brand as a ‘local expert’. Our quest to find offbeat and newsworthy ideas saw us form strong relationships with individual franchisees around the country. We were able to bring to light stories about dogs rescued from storm drains, DIY disasters causing havoc with pipes and even a Tiffany engagement ring rescue, which propelled Dyno-Rod onto the pages of key titles. We managed a separate campaign around Dyno-Rod’s 50th anniversary, with Sir Tony Robinson brought on board as spokesperson, a golden jubilee van touring the country and design graduates commissioned to design the ‘toilet of the future’.


During the five years of working with Dyno-Rod, we have consistently generated 70+ pieces of regional coverage for the brand each year. The 50th anniversary campaign achieved 53 pieces of TV, radio and online coverage.

Case Studies

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