Meet…Leon Schlesinger

For my team, no two days are ever the samethey could be shooting content on a farm one day, then flying to Tokyo or New York the next. More often than not I’m in the office making sure everything keeps ticking over and ensuring the output of our work is the highest quality.

We’re having to approach shoots differentlymore clients are asking for content to work across a traditional landscape (16:9 aspect ratio), as well as formats that work for Instagram and mobile phones (9:16 aspect ratio and 1:1 aspect ratios). This means we have to be much more thoughtful about shot composition and framing when it comes to pre-production and filming.

Making great content is only one part of the puzzlemy team works closely with our media relations experts, creative strategists and content strategists to make sure our content lands with maximum impact. 

We’re constantly adapting and innovating to tell our clients’ storiesfrom developing apps and content hubs to rolling out fully integrated digital-first campaigns, we move with the times, while not forgetting our content roots.

I’m a space geek…and am so lucky to have worked on campaigns for Virgin Galactic, OneWeb and Airbus, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the latest from New Horizons spacecraft in the Kuiper Belt and the recently launched Solar Orbiter mission.

These days I don’t have much time to sit and watch my favourite filmsbut I’m really excited about the Studio Ghibli films coming out and introducing them to my daughters.


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