Ibs brings his whole self to work

Senior Video Editor Ibs Ajayi is embracing the ‘bring your whole self to work’ mantra by combining his passion for film making with a mission to help within the youth sector.

A TVCer for three and a half years, Ibs is most often found flying all over the world working on the agency’s incredible portfolio of clients – one day he could be cutting a brand film in New York and the next he’s on his way to Monaco to edit content on site.

Making a personal pledge at the beginning of this year to give something back to local youngsters, Ibs approached The Latymer School, in Edmonton, to see how he could share his experience to help others.

“This was about finding a sense of fulfilment beyond work. For me, the path to happiness is being selfless and giving something back.”

After delivering an introductory session, Ibs worked with the Head of Film and Media at the school to put together a five- week Adobe After Effects course, teaching a group of 15 GCSE and A-level students.

“I’m really excited about this. It’s the kind of after school activity that I would have taken advantage of if it was available to me at that age. I hope the young people can pick up some skills that they can take with them throughout their professional lives”

TVC is supporting Ibs’ venture by giving him an afternoon off each week to prep for, and attend, the lessons.

Becky McKinlay, TVC Group MD, said:  “Bringing your whole self to work means different things to different people and when Ibs came and told us that he wanted to do something to share his skills with local kids we were more than happy to support.

“Most people have a side hustle or a passion and we would be limiting ourselves if we didn’t encourage  these whole selves.”

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