Meet…Rachel Francis

On a typical work day…you’ll find me brainstorming new business ideas, discussing campaigns on a Google Hangout with colleagues or taking a client brief for a new content programme.

It was TVC’s vision and energy that first attracted me to the company.  We’re at an interesting point for both the evolution of the company and the industry as a whole and it’s incredibly exciting to be working with colleagues who want to be at the forefront of helping to redefine brand communications.

Being part of The Economist Group…provides the opportunity to work with the world’s most admired companies, in collaboration with some of the brightest minds in marketing.  

My ambition…is to create a truly client-centric business model, building a bespoke team around the specific needs of each client, something that bigger or more siloed agencies struggle to do. As a medium-sized agency, whose working structure is designed to be as agile as possible, I feel we are well placed to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs. 

The key to good client service is…to create a true partnership between agency and client. My experience is that clients are looking to agencies to offer insights and creativity that they don’t get from their in-house team and, most importantly, wise counsel.  All this needs to be delivered through hard work, with enthusiasm and absolute levels of excellence.

One of my favourite campaigns this year is…our work for the NFU during Farm Safety Week.  To change behaviour towards farming safety and reduce incidents of life-changing accidents, the team created a series of emotional films using real farmers.  Their inspiring, personal stories around accidents and mental health challenges were rolled out across social and media channels with a clear call to action for farmers to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing. Tracking showed that the campaign messages had been heard effectively with a reduction in unsafe behaviour across all risk categories.

The first five years of my working life…were spent as a primary school teacher in London.  Being responsible for 30 human lives for six hours a day, five days a week taught me to be calm under extreme pressure – a skill I regularly use in my job today.


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