Does your measurement process measure up?

Account Manager Georgie Smith shares her top five tips for ensuring measurement and evaluation are a key part of your next PR campaign.

PR has always had a love/hate relationship with measurement and evaluation, and the industry has long grappled with how to measure the worth of an impactful PR campaign.

But, with the rapid rise of smart technology and AI we have access to a wealth of tools, metrics and frameworks that allow us to show off the effectiveness of our campaigns.  There really are no excuses.

It might not sound like a riveting ‘over a beer’ conversation, but the data nerds at TVC are very excited about the new opportunities for enhancing and optimising our PR campaigns.

After our recent visit to the PRWeek Measurement Conference, here are our top tips to make sure you’re measuring the power of your PR.

  • Embed a focus on outcomes through every stage of planning, reporting and evaluation: Measurement shouldn’t be an afterthought of any campaign. It should instead be integral to every stage, from conception to proposal to evaluation. Think about where you currently stand, where you want to be, and how that looks in terms of success. You may want to carry out market research prior to the campaign to inform your strategy.
  • Allow time for your communications to have an effect: One of the major downfalls in evaluation is not allowing time for your campaign to have an impact. Perception and behaviour change doesn’t happen overnight, so carry out regular measurement on a long-term basis.
  • Don’t measure everything; create an environment in which you can measure: It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the different tools and metrics at your disposal, but don’t try to measure everything. Clearly consider your communication objectives, think about how you can measure them, and then create an environment that gives you the facilities to do so.
  • The best behaviour change campaigns start with a small test: So you’ve got an awesome PR campaign idea planned and you’re ready to share it with the world, but before you get there, test the campaign first! Using a smaller control group to understand the impact will ensure your campaign is as effective and budget-friendly as possible.
  • Standardise measurement across departments: We work in a time where silos should be broken down and integration is key across PR, advertising, marketing, digital, creative, etc. Where possible, standardise your measurement metrics across departments, making sure they make sense for everyone, and this will allow you to understand where your budget is best placed.
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