Meet…Becky McKinlay

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for only 10 weeks…the TVC team has really got behind the new collaborative and proactive approach to how we work and deliver. We’re poised and ready to go with a simplified proposition, a proactive new business strategy and a determination that the best of TVC is about to come.

Swimming at the RAC a couple of mornings a week helps me…get out of the house before my teenagers get up and break my commute from Wimbledon! And it also gives me a somewhat fleeting feeling of wellbeing and a renewed sense of energy and focus.

My daily media consumption is…Twitter’s becoming more ingrained in my life. An essential signposter to amazing content from the world of news, sport, entertainment and creativity.

My ‘first Tuesday Club’ female friends…are guaranteed to make me laugh. A passionate, loyal group of women determined to celebrate our own, our families’ and each other’s lives. This monthly get-together lets us reconnect, laugh with (and at) each other, no matter what we’re facing.

I feel at my most creative when…I’m working in a team that cares about the craft of what we do and when given a brief that allows us to help solve a seemingly complicated problem.

Thinking about TVC’s future I’m most excited about…where to start with this one?

Unlocking and realising the potential of this talented team.

Getting much closer to our clients’ business challenges and opportunities.

Becoming better known for our strategic value as well as our executional brilliance.

Growing our PR offering beyond the realms of broadcast PR.

Putting content – whether film, audio or digital – at the heart of our clients’ marketing solutions.

Leading the way in intelligent content and careful craft – our integrated offering is perfectly positioned to make a significant impact in the market.

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