How to make the most of your branded podcast

Our Post-Production Manager Kathrine Petersen shares her tips for making your next branded podcast a must-listen.

Back in 2004 when MTV video jockey Adam Curry launched the Daily Source Code, little did he know he had ‘invented’ a new broadcasting medium which would have hundreds of millions people tuning in every month.

Fast forward to 2019 and podcasts have become hot property. Advertisers are flocking and companies like Spotify are splashing the cash buying up podcasting platforms.

Brands too are realising the power of audio, and this means more and more of our clients are turning to us to advise on, and create, podcasts as part of their marketing strategy. We’ve launched many successful podcasts across sectors ranging from luxury to professional services and have built up a bank of knowledge about what does and doesn’t work.

So to celebrate International Podcast Day 2019, we’ve put together these eight tips to ensure your next branded podcast attracts hearts, minds and listeners.

Get specific: Go really granular with your expertise. You really need to do your research because listeners are so clued up and want to get into the nitty gritty of specialist subjects.

Choose the right presenter: If your podcast is presenter-led, take time to get the right presenter on board. They have to be knowledgeable about the topic, bring authority and a credible voice, not just have the right presenting skills. The presenter is guiding the listener so don’t under-estimate how important they will be to the success or failure of your podcast.

Be purposeful: You need to make sure the brand’s values are aligned to the content you’re creating – what makes it current, original and credible for your brand to be talking about it?

Think about the format: Do you want a journalistic approach, ie a live conversation from an event or are you looking for a straight storytelling approach? It comes down to the story you’re telling, but the format is just as important as the content.

Light branding: Podcast listeners don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to so tread gently with branding. Sponsored by, or brought to you by, is as far as you can push the brand message in our experience.

Preparation is key: Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to prepare your podcast. Just like with film content you need to plan with military precision.

How long? 45 minutes to an hour is pretty standard for a podcast but don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with different durations. Give it as long as you think it needs – people will keep listening to the end if it’s interesting enough.

Set your podcast free…Once your podcast is in the bag you need to share it with listeners. The best time to upload your podcast is 5am – in time for listeners to download ahead of their commute.

Podcasts Kathrine can’t live without:

Serial, the spin off from the hugely successful This American Life – I love the host’s methodical investigation approach. Such a fascinating insight into the American justice system.

Talking Politics – I started listening to this a few years ago to make sense of the state of the world and what Brexit means. They explain even the most complicated issues in terms anyone can understand.

Verdenspressen – a weekly Danish podcast with a focus on the big news happening in the world, presented through a Danish lens but done in a light-hearted way. It’s comforting to listen to because I’m Danish so there’s that familiarity.


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