50 years later…

When a then 19-year-old Richard Branson watched the Apollo II mission, huddled around a TV in Surrey with his family,  it started a lifelong love affair with space.

With Sir Richard’s 69th birthday falling two days before the 50th Anniversary, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to capture his memories of watching the Apollo II landing and how it inspired him to go on to start Virgin Galactic.

From the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida we managed a Satellite Media Tour with the man himself, conducting live interviews on the day.

A dinner with Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronauts and the unveiling of a one-of-a-kind sculpture, ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’, provided further media opportunities.

We secured a stratospheric 1,039 pieces of broadcast coverage across the US, UK and Australia, landing on Fox, CNBC, BBC World News, ITV, Sky and CBS to name a few…

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