Behind the Headlines with Sky News

Account Executive Tobi Heinrichs shares five pitching dos and don’ts from a recent catch up with Sky News.

Time your pitch

Sky News has a morning meeting at 10:15 am and a planning meeting at 3:00 pm so best to pitch stories half an hour before those meetings.

Pitches should be short and concise – keep it to one paragraph about the talent and the campaign.

Spam alert

Send a mass mailout to the entire Sky News team and you risk ending up on their spam list of PR agencies.


They try to draw from a wide pool of spokespeople and are always looking for someone other than the typical middle-aged white men.

They like guests who are based in London so they can do in-studio interviews, but they don’t mind down-the-line interviews.

B Roll is always welcome but they have to tie it to an interview – they prefer to conduct their own interviews.

What to pitch

Topics frequently covered are: environmental issues, climate change, Brexit and stories with a national angle.

Build the relationship

Do invite them for a coffee. At the end of the day, media relations is all about relationships and putting a face to the name can be a game-changer.

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