Seven days later…my first week at TVC

MD Becky McKinlay reflects on her first seven days as part of team TVC.

I have come to the end of my first week at TVC. What a week!

For me, everything is new – agency location (from South Bank to Camden) size (from thousands to 50), company ownership (from plc to private), clients (no overlap from previous life). And for the team, a lot is new too – new leadership, new style, new questions and in time, a new, or altered, direction.

And yet in some ways, it feels familiar. The key ingredients already in place are the right ones:

  • A highly engaged and motivated crew – compelling experts delivering their craft with care
  • A low in fat, high in protein company structure – lean and experienced hybrid teams
  • A track record to be rightly proud of
  • An enviable client base – and in speaking to the first few, a client base that backs TVC all the way

We know clients expect new and different from their agencies – across ways of working, solutions to their comms challenges, technical delivery. But they also want new without too much risk. It’s about style and substance in equal measure – insightful, creative solutions delivered with integrity and diligence.

TVC have been ahead of the curve in creating, distributing and amplifying content for years. To continue to provide our clients with what they need now and will need over the coming years – this next stage is about building from the platform we already have.

  • Add new and innovative capabilities
  • Broaden our sweet spot
  • Truly partner with our clients to meet new ways of working needs
  • Put our head back up above the parapet, with pride

Thank you to everyone at TVC and The Economist Group for such an inspiring and warm welcome. It’s early days and while everything is new, it feels like home. And with a little renovation, an enviable home for years to come.

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