Are you ready for your moment in time?

Do you remember where you were when Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian daredevil, jumped from the edge of space?

It’s a moment we’ll never forget.  Hunkered down in Mission Control in Roswell, New Mexico, we waited – like the rest of the world – for Felix to take his first step from 128,000 feet above Earth.

For us, it was the culmination of a five-year journey as lead global activation partner on the Red Bull Stratos project. Our brief had been simple – make the unbelievable feel possible.

It was the dream project. Delivering large-scale campaigns and making an impact across the globe is our sweet spot – we’ve been doing it for 20+ years and it’s something we thrive on. Creating a moment in time, making an impact. We couldn’t wait to tell this captivating story, but the challenge was building the suspense and creating that impact from five years out.

Looking for the stories behind the story, we documented key milestones over several years, methodically building up to the big event when Felix said those unforgettable words “I’m going home now”, before starting his supersonic freefall. From the global press conference launch; to the science and technology behind the jump; human interest and emotions; to the test jumps, we crafted a calendar of storytelling moments that laid the foundation for the main event.

Felix’s jump is still the most watched livestream of all time – 8.3 million people tuned into YouTube and held their breath as all the drama unfolded live. Within six hours, we’d put together a mini-documentary of the jump and it’s still being viewed today.

Not to mention the mother of all sell ins – 8,000+ pieces of TV coverage in the week of the jump was a pretty stratospheric achievement. According to Smart Insights, Red Bull sales increased 7% in the six months after the campaign, generating $1.6 billion

James Bond would be proud

Projects the size of Red Bull Stratos only come along once in a while, but we have plenty of experience rolling out large-scale global campaigns that make an impact.

When we turned our expertise to making an impact in the auto world for the global reveal of the new Jaguar E-PACE

The big idea (not ours – our brief was global amplification) was to put the E-PACE to the ultimate test by recreating the iconic barrel roll scene from The Man With The Golden Gun to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Furthest Barrel Roll in a Production Vehicle. In real terms, that’s a mighty 15.3-metre leap!

Six months of planning and 33 test jumps went into the momentous stunt, which featured a 270-degree twist, but it was all over in just 1.5 seconds. Captured by the TVC team in one epic take, our hero edit was used as the dramatic reveal mechanic at a live event packed with 1,000+ media, customers and influencers.

More than a million people watched the stunt online in the first week it was released and the story was lapped up by the media too – 450+ TV hits and 600+ pieces of coverage landed around the globe.

It had a big business impact too, with visits to the Jaguar E-PACE site, brochure downloads and KMIs well over target.

Pushing all the right buttons

It isn’t just space and shiny cars that have the monopoly on ideas with impact – sometimes they come from the most unexpected quarters.

We put the humble elevator in the spotlight when we were called in by pioneering elevator company OTIS to help it reach for the sky as it launched a new generation of products.

How do you build excitement around a functional product that people use most days but never really give a second thought?

In this case, it was by looking behind the elevator doors. We uncovered the human connections and stories that are playing out every day in elevators all around the world and devised a central platform, ‘Made to Move You’, which changed the narrative from being product-led.

Building an emotional connection with an elevator seems an unlikely paradox, but our creative allowed us to build a campaign around emotional storytelling,  including making this emotive brand film, and gave OTIS the point of difference it needed to once again dominate skylines.

The campaign picked up several coveted industry awards, including being named best B2B Content Marketing Campaign/Strategy at the Drum Content Awards, and scooping two London Brand Film Festival gongs.

Your own moment in time

What could a big moment in time mean for your brand and how would you deliver it?

Not only do we understand how to make ideas compelling enough to overcome the cynicism of a journalist or producer, they pass the ultimate test of being interesting enough to share.

Our unique set up also means we’re geared up for large-scale global projects. Our media teams are modelled on a 24-hour newsroom, constantly monitoring for opportunities and we have incomparable experience planning, creating and delivering epic brand moments.

What are you waiting for – we’d love to discuss your next campaign and how you can make your own moment in time.


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