Steph Cripps

Meet Steph Cripps

We catch up with TVC Group newbie Steph Cripps on agency life, the four corners of the globe and a campaign that made a lasting impact.

Firstly, talk us through your role and what a typical day looks like.

I recently joined TVC as Senior Account Manager within the global team, working on a portfolio of amazing clients including Bacardi Brands, Montblanc and Virgin. No two days are ever the same! From creating content and assets, selling in to media and influencers across the globe, to developing ongoing strategy and creative proposals, there is always something exciting happening.

What’s the best part of your job?

It’s always rewarding to see your coverage land in every corner of the globe! I also really enjoy the camaraderie of the team coming together to do anything from brainstorming ideas to coming up with angles that will work across different countries and just generally supporting one another.

What do you like most about working at TVC Group?

I’ve only been at here for two months so I’m still super new and learning the ropes but I can say that I’ve been welcomed in with open arms. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and supportive, taking the time to teach me about TVC. It’s been a really busy couple of months for the team, but that hasn’t stopped my training sessions or introductions with the Board/heads of departments. But what do I like most? Probably the open dialogue and transparency when it comes to communication throughout the company. It makes your working life so much easier if everyone is clear about what’s happening day to day.

Tell us about a campaign you really admire…

A campaign that really impacted me was from 2014 for Save the Children; the ‘one second a day’ video documented the day by day impact of the horrors of a war torn London. With western perceptions of the war in Syria veering between apathy and hostility, rather than sympathy and understanding, Save the Children wanted to find a way to stop it being ignored. The journey of the young British girl from birthday to birthday amassed over 150 million views and secured headlines across all media. It’s a brilliant example of there being no winning formula for viral videos, instead you have to speak to the hearts and minds of the country and find something that truly connects with people.

And finally, what’s one thing not many people know about you. 

I’m currently working on getting legislation written to financially benefit victims of violence when they go to court. It’s a long process and it’s likely I won’t see tremendous movement for another year, but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end (fingers crossed).


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