Across the pond with Rachel Aeschliman

To celebrate Fourth of July, we catch up with our New York colleague Rachel Aeschliman on the medium of culture, content co-creators and the future of mobile tech…

Firstly, tell us a bit about your background and how long you’ve been working at TVC in New York.

I began my career as a marketer in broadcast TV at Discovery Channel. I helped launch Investigation Discovery in 2009 and stayed until 2014, then left for a Supervising Producer of Marketing role at Travel Channel. After Travel Channel I wanted a content creation role in the digital world and have been working at TVC Group as Associate Creative Director for nearly a year.

[Rachel is too humble to mention it, but she’s an Emmy-award winning content creator, having picked up a coveted award for the series launch of I (Almost) Got Away With It].

What have you been working on recently? 

We recently worked with Spotify in Cannes on its Cultural Shift series. We spoke to eight thought leaders— creatives, marketers, artists, entrepreneurs – about emerging trends, technologies, and ethical considerations through the lens of culture and the result was really amazing.

For one, culture is one of those things that enables marketers to create greater engagement, relevance and growth.

And two, great brands, smart brands, speak through the medium of culture. Messages can vary depending on who’s sending and who’s receiving and even if all the words are right, the other codes – context, tone, authenticity, mutual respect – are not. Culture is where you find context. It’s where trends, values and perception live.

Are you noticing any particular content trends in the States right now? 

Some interesting topics that are consistently surfacing in executive leadership conversations are around consumers as co-creators of content. Technology is not only allowing consumers to curate, but it’s also allowing them to control aspects of the process.

What challenges and opportunities does this present?  

A lot of what we do day to day is around building campaign strategies and content that has a focus on the future of mobile technology and AI. It will be a bit of a game changer, especially when you’re thinking about technologies like chatbots, which we’re seeing consumers gravitate towards for access to information and answers to their questions. On the other end of the spectrum, co-creators are using deeper AI integration to optimise campaigns. We expect to continue delving into these topics with our clients and making sure to continue to build loyalty with authentic storytelling across multiple platforms.

And finally, how will you be celebrating the Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July happens to be one of my favourite holidays. I’ll be spending some time with family and friends at the beach and enjoying some BBQs and fireworks!

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