Farm Safety Foundation turns to TVC Group for 2018 campaigns

The Farm Safety Foundation, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of farm safety and changing attitudes towards farming safely, has called in TVC Group to boost awareness throughout 2018.

The appointment follows the success of TVC’s campaign for Farm Safety Week in July.

Farm Safety Week gained an unprecedented level of brand awareness and media interest off the back of TVC’s campaign which featured a gripping film starring arable farmer James Chapman, who lost his left arm in his early 20s, while working with farm machinery.

James became the star of the campaign which powerfully showcased the farm safety message in a thought-provoking way and drove behaviour change*.

Farm Safety Foundation has handed TVC a new brief to maintain the momentum of the FSW campaign to create a ‘stop and think’ mentality amongst farmers and continue to drive a change in their risk taking behaviours.

UK farmers are among the best in the world but farming has the poorest safety record of any occupation. It remains one of our country’s most hazardous industries, accounting for 1.5% of workers, but 15-20% of all worker fatalities.

As well as supporting Farm Safety Week 2018 in July, TVC will develop ideas around another key campaign, Mind Your Head, designed to get farmers and agricultural works to think about their mental health when working and operating machinery. Activity will kick off this February.


* When asked as part of the 2017 Farm Safety Tracker how the campaign has changed the way they behave around the farm, 65% of farmers said ‘somewhat’ and 24% said ‘a lot’ a huge shift compared to the previous year.

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