How do you launch a new car? We’ll tell you exactly how to…

​We were briefed by our clients at Jaguar ​to create an epic high impact reveal film for the brand new Jaguar XE. The car was being shown to the world for the first time at a press event in London and the car needed to be shown arriving in spectacular style on a 22 meter wide 4K screen. The key requirement and the main issue was that the speed of turnaround was almost unheard of. A 6 camera 4K 12hr shoot, delivered in its finished form within 8hrs.

The film included the Red Arrows, 1000 JLR employees formed into a human XE, an XE suspended under a helicopter, a landing craft carrying an XE along the Thames and a choreographed road sequence featuring two vintage MK2 Jaguars accompanying the Jaguar XE.

In order to achieve this we assembled a highly experienced team and used high end equipment from the movie world including filming helicopters, a camera mounted on a Russian arm as well as a variety of additional cameras and formats.

Our edit workflow had to be carefully managed due to the almost unheard of turnaround and the size of the 4K material as well as the requirement for some VFX work and complex grading.

The shoot and edit went through the night so it could be delivered for the screens at the event and as the key component of live streamed around the world. It was watched over 600k within 48hrs.

Now, that’s how you launch a new car.

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