The sport take over…

Every Friday TVC hosts Friday@5. Which basically entails nibbles and drinks and a jolly old get together.

We tasked each team to take over the last Friday of every month. Due to a massive festival in Somerset the sports team played out their chosen Friday, the Friday just gone.

The rules are… there are no rules. They can do whatever they want to do, Friday @5. The ‘themed Fridays’ will then be judged at the end of the year in an anonymous vote. The sports team were the second team after the commercial team kicked off the competition with a garage band in June.

Sports team; Oli, Alex, Bianca and freelancer Matt decided to create the ultimate TVC sports day. The evening included a task of running up Mandela Street, throwing darts, kicking a football and Swing Ball! All very random. But fun!

Check out Emido below in full competition mode.

A selection of treats:

TVC Sports Day 1

Girls on brand:

TVC Desperados Verde

Boys will be boys

TVC Football


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