Greggs Prove They Are Not Flaky When it Comes to Crisis Comms

Sarah Harris, TVC Group

Often in crisis communications, agencies provide clients with a list of ‘don’ts’ in the way they approach dealing with a crisis.  Greggs, the high street bakers, famed for their delicious sausage rolls, provided the industry with a best-in-class case study of how to tackle a social media crisis.

The story unfolded yesterday when people began tweeting that when you searched via Google, one of the search results returned a hacked Greggs Wikipedia page and Google information listing, with some less than complimentary terms about Greggs products and their customers.

Instead of reacting in a heavy handed way, Greggs were incredibly transparent, stuck true to their brand and most importantly reacted quickly and with humour.  They simply asked Google for the hacked page to be fixed, using the hashtag #fixgreggs and offering the Google employee who fixed it, a tray of delicious looking donuts.

They then carried on communicating with Google throughout the day in the same charming and light-hearted manner, giving the brand bags of personality to boot.

So, crisis averted with humour, speed of response and even more cleverly, Greggs even managed to get their product at the heart of their response.

Definitely not a half baked response.

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